Euskadi is a small country with a great identity and a millenary culture

Our Basque character is unique. We are preceded by a unique history and economy, and deep cultural and social roots, which make the traditions, folklore and mythology of our land especially authentic. Like our people and our language, Euskera. A country with a rich mosaic of realities, landscape contrasts, and people in which the traditional and the modern coexist in harmony

Euskadi maintains a strong link with the natural environment: the sea that has forged the maritime character of the Basque people and the essence of the coastal municipalities, nowadays important tourist enclaves. The interior with valleys and mountains where the green is its mark of identity. Villages and rural centres that take care of and proudly teach the authentic essence of Basque Style. Its three capitals, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Bilbao and San Sebastian, each with a strong personality and very complementary, form a modern and current Euskadi

It's all close

In this small country there are no distances and the good communications and means of transport prevail between our municipalities and with the rest of Europe, as it is strategically located on the way to the north of Europe. A modern and safe road network and railway, as well as air connections through its three airports in the three Basque capitals make this possible

Top Basque Country


241 steps, rocks, sea and wind. The magical island of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe is an essential stop on the Basque coastline